Predicting the  22/23 Magic Release Schedule

May 17, 2022 - Episode 63

Predicting the 22/23 Magic Release Schedule

Last week WOTC gave us the release schedule plus a bunch of previews for some upcoming sets. On today's show we take a look at what we were shown and make some predictions for what we could see in the coming months. If you want to customize you deck even more check out the Alter Sleeves link below! It really helps support the show. Looking to pick up some of the cards we discussed today? Use our link below to help support the show! Opening animation was done by Geoffrey Palmer. Follow him on Twitter: @livingcardsmtg  @Living Cards MTG  Join The MMCast Patreon Discord: MMcast Twitch: Instagram: @TheMMCast Kess: Twitter: @Kesswylie Instagram: @Kess_Wylie Twitch: Ben: Twitter: @benbatemanmedia Instagram: @BenBatemanMedia Twitch: Michael: Twitter @Dudardd Website: Email: Facebook: Produced by Time Traveler Media - Learn more about your ad choices. Visit