The Masters of Modern
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Your weekly insight into Modern, a competitive Magic: the Gathering format, with hosts Alex Kessler and Glenn Jones. We break down all different aspects of the format from deck archetypes to new releases and predictions!

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    Will Lantern Control Be Banned? PT Rivals of Ixalan | #162

    Alex and Ben are back to discuss the Modern Pro Tour goodness from PT Rivals of Ixalan. Hang out while they break down each of the decks in the top 8 and ponder the potential future of Lantern Control! Bannings? No bannings? Find out inside!

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    The Third Great Designer Search | #161

    Wizards of the Coast has begun the third Great Designer Search. Ben and Kessler give you a brief breakdown on the history of the last two Great Designer Searches, and then answer the essay questions from the first round of the Third.

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    GP Santa Clara Tournament Report | #159

    KessCo game developer and returning guest Michael Grothe joins the podcast to talk with Ben about their GP Santa Clara experiences, the GP Top 8 and a weird new Pact of Negation brew Ben is messing with.

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    Merfolk Mistbinder – Rivals of Ixalan PREVIEW & Top 10 Simic in Modern | #158

    The Masters of Modern Preview card for Rivals of Ixalan, Merfolk Mistbinder, is literally the best Blue Green card in Modern’s history and the set’s not even out yet! To honor its mistiness, Kessler and Ben break down the Top Ten Simic cards in modern. (Spoiler alert: almost all of them are bad.) TO BUY SUPER PARTY BATTLE: To the Twitter Poll: Saffron Olive’s Article on the cost of Modern: Official Masters...

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    A Year in Review and GP Santa Clara Prep with Michael Grothe | #157

    ​This is the last episode of 2017! Kessler and Ben break down their favorite moments, best episodes, and lay a ground work for where they plan to go in the future. Then special guest, game designer Michael Grothe, joins the cast and break down GP OKC to figure out the best deck options to take to the next Modern Grand Prixt Santa Clara. TO BUY SUPER PARTY BATTLE: To the Twitter Poll: Saffron...

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    Graveyard Shenanigans with Frank Fields | #156

    After weeks of messing around with “far too many graveyard brews”(Kessler), Ben takes over the cast with special guest and host of the Cooldown Podcast: Frank Fields. They go over all of the different ways the graveyard can be utilized for value and which ways Modern can utilize them better. To Find Frank: @FFMirhi The Cooldown Podcast: TO BUY SUPER PARTY BATTLE: To the Twitter Poll: Saffron Olive’s Article on the cost...

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    Top Ten White Blue Cards in Modern | #155

    We’ve finished reviewing the color pairs and almost all of the permanent types. It’s time to start a series of top tens on the color pairs, starting with Kessler’s favorite pair UW. Which Azorius card will reign supreme? Will Ben be able to finally win a sweet honorable mentions battle after Kessler’s dominant winning streak? 1) Geist of Saint Traft 2) Spell Queller 3) Supreme Verdict 4) Reflector Mage 5) Detention Sphere 6) Sphinx’s Revelation...

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    Is Modern Too Expensive?

    Over the last 4 years Wizards of the Coast has heavily increased reprint set cycles, has printed almost every major staple in Modern, and the format is now at an all time low in cost. But is it low enough? Kessler and Ben break down the cost of reprint sets, why Modern is expensive as it is, and whether or not the cost of Modern is warranted or should be less expensive. TO BUY SUPER...

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    Kessler’s first game Super Party Battle, was just released at Lead Developer Michael Grothe joins Kessler and Ben as they break down the design history of the game, and the key ways it plays in a Maro-esque game design episode. They also go over Unhinged Spoilers and convince Ben how cool an Un-set can be. TO BUY SUPER PARTY BATTLE : To Download Lifelinker: To unlock our sweet MMcast LifeLink Background donate...

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